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Oily Skin is a blessing ...?

It’s #friyay #friday And wanted to spread a #dearsister note, Often the topic of oily skin gets brought up to me by the majority of the #kushtyfamily . I also noticed how many of US are un aware how common it is with in our community,so assume it’s a personal problem with their skin!,

comments such as ..."uurrgghh my skin is extreamly oily", " Can i get something to stop this shine" , " my skin is too oily nothing will fix it", NAaahhh uh uh... i cant have anything which is oily ...not on my skin"

Well #Times-up in the mis-information and usual outdated unjustified rhetoric we continue to get force feed.

The fact is oily skin is a common factor with woman of colour . Although not all of us is the majority.

People of colour often have trouble with an oily complexion due to the fact that their skin has more, and larger, sebaceous or (oil glands) than Caucasian or Asian skin. The large number of sebaceous glands can produce an unwanted oily or shiny appearance.

So this is a natural aspect with our skin, it can aslo be hereditary

oily skin can also be stimulated by hormones (hormone production)

– so anything that causes hormones to fluctuate can cause skin to become more oily,”

For women, hormone changes occur not only during puberty, but at the start of each menstrual cycle, and during pregnancy and perimenopause. For both women and men, oily skin can be stimulated by any physical or emotional situation that puts hormones in a tailspin.

so we cannot get rid of oily skin but looking at all the beneifits would you really want it any other way or the alternative??

"BLACK DONT CRACK- thanks to oily skin


Regardless of your age, oil – also known as sebum – is always produced by the sebaceous glands.

Located deep within the second layer or “dermis” of the skin, these glands are most plentiful in the face, neck, chest, head and back – one reason that these areas appear to be affected by oil production the most.

To get from the glands to your skin, the oils flow into nearby follicular pores, and eventually works its way to the surface. Here it plays a vital role in the health of both skin and hair.

“It helps seal moisture in, which gives hair that healthy sheen and helps keep skin plump and hydrated

You hear that its GOOD FOR OUR HAIR TOOO

YES it’s a blessing, As it helps maintaining youthful appearance. Research proves that oil loving skin glands will actually help you to fight the signs of aging. Aging is all about moisture loss. As skin cells grow older, they lose their ability to keep in moisture and this results in drier skin and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Dry skin is brittle and cannot hold its shape fully during daily movement.

however Hydrated skin is much more flexible and able to crease without permanently changing superficially. This is why anti-aging creams are all based on the moisturizing principle: the moister your skin, the more able you are to live your daily life without worrying about forming wrinkles.

While it seems like a hassle now, your oily skin will one day be your best friend.


One way to look after our oily skin is with a proper cleansing. But if you think you need harsh products to scrub away the extra oil, think again. Experts say that’s a big – and all too common – mistake.

“Oil production is nature’s response to irritation – so the harsher the cleansing, the more likely the body is to respond by producing more oil, ”

Instead, treat oily skin with thorough but gentle cleaning. “A good cleanser is one designed to remove excess oil while leaving intact the barrier of fatty acids to help maintain function and protect our skin,”

And don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing two different cleansers depending on the time of the year. In fall and winter when skin is naturally drier, you’ll benefit most from a super gentle cleanser. In warmer months, when perspiration can combine with sweat to make skin harder to clean, you may need a more thorough, deep cleaning product.

But what about cleansers Try to go for Natural products and those specifically made for oily skin?

Because an oily complexion often feels moist to the touch, many people avoid using moisturizers, because they think they will only make matters worse.

Experts disagree. That oil and moisture are not the same things, and the older you are, the more you need to use a moisturizer even when skin is oily.

“The oiliness of your skin will seal in the moisture you have – but won’t replace the moisture that you lose, particularly as you age, ”

So next time you see your natural glow on your melaninated skin, feel blessed cause you are!

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