The Soap Connoisseur - Soothing Tea Tree Face Oil Cleanser

The Soap Connoisseur - Soothing Tea Tree Face Oil Cleanser

  • Soothing TeaTree Face Oil Cleanser

Experience the ultimate cleanse with our Soothing Tea-tree oil cleanser, an oil that cleanses and removes makeup. Our oil cleansers are rich with healing properties from the very best organic ingredients like nourishing Peach Kernel Oil. This oil cleanser is perfect for removing the days dirt and removing make up while being super gentle. We’ve added vitamin E to nourish and leave your skin feeling hydrated. This oil has been Specially formulated to combat Oily and Combination Skin.


Key Benefits

cleanses & moisturizing

Remove impurities and soften skin

Removes make up

Preservative Free


  • Product Info

    Customer Care


    Skin type suitability

    Made for Dry and Sensitive skin, can also be used on Combination skin!

    Vegan / Vegetarians Friendly 

    Free From: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Parabens, alcohol,

    How to use: Apply a little amount on a clean cotton pad, and clean face. You can also Massage directly onto the circular motions, use cotton pad to clean off dirt.