Scrubz Of London -Avocado & Lime

Scrubz Of London -Avocado & Lime

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60 ml Scrubz of London Avocado & Lime


Not suitable to those with nut allergy.  Combined Sugar and salt Scrubz, mixed with Almond Oil. sugar, Avocado & Lime 100% Natural. Recommend to refrigerate if not to be used straight away as no preservatives are added.

  • Benefits

    Avocado is packed with skin friendly vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants this is why it is widely used in health and beauty products. It is a great anti-aging treatment leaving skin suppler & looking plumper. It also moisturizes, nourishes and revitalizes the skin leaving a glowing, healthy complexion. Very good for dehydrated skin. Good for dry chapped or damaged skin restoring elasticity. It is even known to heal wounds and protects skin from sun damage and helps reduce wrinkles, slowing down the aging process. The Lime is anti-bacterial which helps cleanse the skin leaving radiant glowing skin. It is an anti-inflammatory. It treats acne and scars. The Lime aroma is thought to stimulate a positive mental uplifting effect. It is also known to circulate the bloodstream. The acids scrub out dead cells, rashes and bruises. Also helps reduce body odour. It also rejuvenates the skin protecting it from infections. It lightens dark spots and you are advised not to expose skin to direct sunlight. Apply sunscreen if in any doubt or apply at bedtime.

  • Application

    Rub a generous amount of the scrub on the face or body, rub lightly utilising the sugar crystals, to detox and exfoliate the area, and wash off with warm water when ready.
    dry with a towel, and feel your beautiful cleansed soft skin