Monshea™ Shea Oil

Monshea™ Shea Oil

Monshea™ Shea Oil, is a by -product of Shea It also contains vitamins A, E & F.

Monshea™ Shea Oil one of the most moisturising of natural oils with excellent absorption properties. Vitamin A offers anti- ageing benefits. Vitamin E helps to hydrate your skin and improve scarring, burns, even your skin tone. Vitamin F offers anti- inflammatory benefits which helps stiff & aching muscles.


Used with your hair Monshea™ shea oil adds needed moisture instantly whether your hair is wet or dry. therefore, improving the condition, the look and the feel. When applied to your damp hair it acts as a sealant locking in the moisture. It helps to detangle hair and can be applied for instant softness.

Avoid direct contact with mucous membranes.



Do not use on broken skinIf irritation occurs discontinue use



    •Shea butter (butyrospernum parkii)

    •Shea olein (seed oil)


  • SIZE

    Size Small : 50ml

    Size  Medium : 100ml

    Size  large      : 220ml

    size Bottle : 220