Kushty Cosmetics LTD is a trendsetting Online Cosmetics Store, And also have a Physical store based in Wood Green Shopping Mall, North London.

As a proud member of the community i believe woman of colour deserve a place to go and be reassured that finding YOUR Shade is a hassle free enjoyable experience. We are all so busy and desire brands which cater for our needs such as Sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin Etc.

None of the brands that Kushty Cosmetics stock have any harsh chemicals. As a MakeUp Artist myself i realise these amongst others are issues which normally come up in our community, so i personally stock brands with great ethics brands which cater to all hues, and those which have quality products.

In store Kushty Cosmetics offers a personal One-One bespoke service , offereing a free Colour match for customers to insure you get that Actual Natural skin colour match. Because at Kushty Cosmetics Every Queen is Recgonised. And your QUEEN!

No surveillance once you step into the shop , staff who are educated in the products happy to give advice or information relating to all products we stock. And a instant understanding to commonly annoying issues we face as Melainated woman.

We’re a business made up of innovating and forward-thinking, Always updateing our Brands we offer so please enter you email on our email list to ensure you dont miss any offers  and events in our store.